Lets get Creative

Build your own Website

Quickly learn HTML, and CSS, Be creating your own website within an hour.

Easy to follow instructions in plain english, and links to detailed information.

Be able to modify and manipulate your favorite templates

Free tutorials and resources

Create a 3D Virtual World

Deploy a virtual world on your home computer and have your friends drop in as Avatars from their home computers.

Click here for details on how to instal and configure Opensim (Opensimulator) on your computer or on a server.

Free software and complete step by step instructions

Write your own Games

Hints and tips for coders about writing your own computer games.

Advice on what you should be thinking about if you are considering writing a game.

Free sample games and free webhosting offers

Who We Are


We started 5 years ago as a 3d content creation service for 3d virtual worlds and games.

We have since expanded into many areas of the internet, including web development, hosting, Website management, SEO services, 3d Virtual World construction and continue to offer 3d content creation

Whats in this website?

This website offers 3 different avenues of creativity, we like to teach people how to build things rather than build them ourselves, people get much more rewarding feelings when they achieve something for themselves. To this end we provide simple to follow detailed instructions on how to create Websites, Opensim Worlds, and advice and tips for people wanting to create Computer Games.